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About the ViiV Healthcare Clinical Study Register

The ViiV Healthcare Clinical Study Register provides an easily accessible repository of data from clinical studies of ViiV Healthcare medicines, for which ViiV Healthcare (or GSK) was the regulatory sponsor, supplementing communication in journals, at scientific meetings, in letters to healthcare professionals, and in approved prescribing information. It is important to emphasise that approved prescribing information must continue to guide appropriate use of ViiV Healthcare medicines. This information may vary from country to country. Before prescribing any product mentioned in the Register, Healthcare Professionals should consult prescribing information approved in their country.

ViiV Healthcare Partners

ViiV Healthcare has partnerships with other companies and institutions. As part of these partnerships, ViiV Healthcare may not have been the regulatory sponsor of all clinical studies for a product and therefore the results of such studies may not appear on this register. Please see other public registries such as or EU Clinical Trials Register for any study disclosures from our partners.